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Beauty and Loathing: Bitterfig's Fan Fiction Archive

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19 January 1972
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  • bitterfic@livejournal.com

This journal is for ages 18+.

I am not responsible for the adult content that minors may encounter here.

This journal contains works of fiction. Any illegal acts taking place within that fiction are NOT condoned by the author. Depictions of any questionable, illegal, or potentially illegal activity in said fiction does not mean that I condone, promote, support, participate in, or approve of said activity. I grasp the distinction between fiction and reality and trust that readers will do the same. I do not profit from the fanfiction I write, and all rights to the characters remain firmly in the hands of their creator.


What's YOUR Writing Style?

You are a dark writer. A fierce and loyal follower of Poe and the other gothic authors, you LOVE to instill a sense of revulsion and somewhat fear in your readers. You love to poke their brains with logic dealing with the darker side of the human mind and character. Truly surprising and a true individual, you'll do ANYTHING to create a scene. :)
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"The boy was in the hallway drinking a glass of tea
From the other end of the hallway a rhythm was generating
Another boy was sliding up the hallway
He merged perfectly with the hallway,
He merged perfectly, the mirror in the hallway
The boy looked at johnny, johnny wanted to run,
But the movie kept moving as planned."

Patti Smith, Horses

Welcome to Bitterfic: Bitterfig’s Fan Fiction Archive-- Gay porn by a body loathing ex-Christian with a Nick Cave aesthetic! Okay. That description may be a bit over the top. Basically bitterfic is the companion site to my personal journal bitterfig . It is where I archive all of my fan fiction. Please be aware that this site contains adult material. Most of my stories are slash and femmeslash and involve male/male and female/female sexual relationships. All stories are rated, please adhere to these ratings. Warnings are included on all stories. Please note these warnings as many some of the pieces include unsettling subject matter such as incest, disordered eating, child abuse, rape and self injury which may be disturbing or triggering to some readers. Feel free to friend any of my journals or communities.

I'm also on insane journal (bitterfig/bitterfic).

My Journals
bitterfig -- my personal blog
bitterpic -- my visual arts archive

Fan Fiction Communities I Moderate

tarantinoverse -- Stories, art and meta based on the films of Quentain Tarantino
remuslupain -- Dark fic and art focused on the masocistic side of Harry Potter's Remus Lupin
drabble_a_trois --Multi-fandom threesome drabble community with weekly prompts
angelkissed_hp --Femmeslash featuring Harry Potter's Gabriella Delacour (co-mod with sweetcarolanne)

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Completed Fan Fiction Claims

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Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) everyfiveyears

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Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) everyfiveyears

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Regulus Black (Harry Potter) 5trueloves

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Yuki Eiri (Gravitation) 5trueloves

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Remus Lupin/Severys Snape (Harry Potter) Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" ficalbum

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Regulus Black/Severus Snape (Harry Potter) 7spells

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Willow Rosenburg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 5trueloves

Sumeragi Subaru (Tokyo Babylon/X1999) everyfiveyears

This is as close as I come to OTP's

Tohma x Eiri (Gravitation)

Nymphadora Tonks x Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

Seishirou x Subaru (Tokyo Babylon/X1999)

Orange x White (Reservoir Dogs)

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Kouya x Yamato (Loveless)

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Dorothy and Ozma (The Wizard of Oz series)

28 days later, angst, barty crouch jr, bdsm, bellatrix lestrange, blackcest, bottom snape, buffy the vampire slayer, cherry/dakota, d/s, daniel plainview, dark fairy tales, dark fic, dark!fic, darkfic, death eaters, decadence, dorothy/ozma, drabbles, eastern promises, eiri/tohma, eli sunday, erotica, exploring psychological trauma, f/f, fairy tales, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, fantasy, fem dom, feminism, femme semes, femmeslash, femslash, firefly, freddie mays, freddy newandyke, from dusk till dawn, gangster no. 1, gender switch, genderfuck, ghost world, ginny weasley, girlslash, gloom and doom, gravitation, grindhouse, harry potter, harry potter slash, hate sex, heroes, het, homoerotic subtext, homosexuality, horror stories, incest, john abruzzi, jossverse, karen, kozue, lesbians, loveless, luna lovegood, luna/tonks, lupin/greyback, lupin/snape, m/m, male/male, manga, movie slash, mr. orange, mr. white, mysterious skin, mythology, nikolai/kirill, non-canon pairings, non-con, nymphadora tonks, obscure fandoms, orange/white, pansy parkinson, peter/nathan, prison break, psychology, quentin tarantino, rare pairs, rare slash, rarepairs, rareslash, regulus black, regulus/snape, remus lupin, remus/severus, reservoir dogs, reservoir dogs fanfic, reservoir dogs slash, revolutionary girl utena, richie gecko, richie/seth, ritsu, ritsuka, rob roy, robert knepper, role reversal, seguchi tohma, sei/sub, seishirou/subaru, seth gecko, severus snape, severus/regulus, severus/remus, shigure, shoujo ai, shoujo-ai, shounen ai, shounen-ai, slash, slash fic, slash fiction, slashfic, small fandoms, snape, snape/lupin, snupin, soubi, t-bag, t-bag/abruzzi, the deer hunter, the wizard of oz, theodore bagwell, there will be blood, tim roth, tohma/eiri, tokyo babylon, tonks, tonks/luna, tough guy ukes, true romance, uo-chan, utena, willow, x/1999, x1999, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuki eiri, yuki/tohma, yuri

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