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50 Sentences on Snape/Black: Harry Potter

This piece was created for the 1sentence community using the gamma theme set.

Pairing: Severus Snape/Sirius Black
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, angst, ugly degrading hate sex and violence.
Author’s Notes: This piece is set during the course of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Several of the sentences have intentionally been left vague- you’ll have to figure out which character they apply to.
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The world is a vampire, sent to drain
 Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
And what do I get, for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game

Even though I know – I suppose I’ll show
All my cool and cold – like old job

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Smashing Punpkins



50 Sentences on Severus Snape and Sirius Black




#01 – Ring


When Sirius Black backhanded him the signet ring he was wearing left the seal of the house of Black imprinted on Snape’s cheek. 


#02 – Hero


In school, people like Potter and Black were treated like heroes because they were good at sports, rich, good-looking; it was enough to convince Snape that he didn’t want to be liked if it meant being like them.


#03 – Memory


“Do you remember the things you did to me at school,” Snape whispers, “I do.”


#04 – Box


The rooms of 12 Grimmauld Place seem as much a prison to Sirius as his cell in Azkaban; living in a box has always brought out the worst of his judgment. 


#05 – Run


The lesson Snape learned from Sirius Black when they were still schoolboys was that he did not have the option of running away. 


#06 – Hurricane


Snape wants to be the stillness in the eye of the storm; Black is and always has been the storm.


#07 – Wings


At Black’s first bruising kiss Snape is sure Sirius has gone mad; still he allows himself be enfolded by the madness with its wings of black and blood red.


#08 – Cold


No matter how thoroughly he calculates the advantages he has over Black at this point in their lives none of it seems to matter when he’s crushed in his embrace. 


#09 – Red

Black never intended things to go further then a vicious game but Snape is so good at making him angry; a few well placed words from the greasy little bastard and everything goes crimson.  


#10 – Drink


“I needed water, you gave me blood to drink,” he whispers. 


#11 – Midnight


In that most mysterious time, midway between dusk and dawn the man he hates enters his body not for the first time or for the last; whatever has gone before, whatever will come to pass this is his darkest hour. 


#12 – Temptation


Each time Sirius makes a choice he must decide if he will act as the prince, the heir, the favored child of the house of Black or as a being a decent human being; sometimes he gives into temptation and makes the chooses wrong.    


#13 – View


Snape would like to see things objectively, to grasp the big picture but he always finds his vision limited by petty things, insignificant people and his inability to see around them.


#14 – Music


They come together in smashing anger and sneering defiance, discord and disharmony; a punk rock song


#15 – Silk


Sirius hates the house because he recognizes himself in it- tarnished silver, heavy draperies of the finest silk tattered and dusty, magnificence run to ruin- only someone like Snape who’s never known real beautiful could be impressed.



#16 – Cover


“The Death Eater and the Phoenix; which is you and which is your cover?”



#17 – Promise


“You don’t need to worry about Remus, I never made any promises to him,” Black manages to snarl as he drives into the other man’s body.


#18 – Dream


He dreams his head is hanging on the wall along with the house elves.


#19 – Candle


“I don’t want to see your face,” he says blowing out the candle. 


#20 – Talent


Snape is of the opinion that while Sirius had every advantage, he had actual talent. 


#21 – Silence


They glare at each other, neither saying a word.


#22 – Journey


Sirius would like to go away from 12 Grimmauld Place, from impending doom, from the shadows that have consumed him; most of all he would like to go back to being who he was.


#23 – Fire


For the past thirteen years he has reduced the flame inside himself to the faintest blue flicker only to find that it still sears with a fiery heat.  


#24 – Strength


Black was always physically stronger able to bodily overpower while Snape was dependant on hexes, curses and spells.


#25 – Mask


Snape has taught himself to hide his fear and anger, to face the world with a mask of distain.  


#26 – Ice


Snape stands outside 12 Grimmauld Place in the bitter cold and the icy wind; when everyone finally leaves, he lets himself in. 


#27 – Fall


The desperate passion Snape brings to their encounters is rooted in pure malice; if he’s going to fall into the abyss he’s taking Black with him.


#28 – Forgotten


It is not that he has forgotten Black’s mistreatment of him in their school days; in fact he remembers it so well he recreates it.


#29 – Dance


They are locked together in an angry dance goading each other to find crueler words, to strike harder, to hurt more deeply. 


#30 – Body


The years of imprisonment have wrecked havoc on the beautiful body Sirius Black had as a young man; he misses the power it gave him.


#31 – Sacred


Snape feels a reverence towards his pain and anger, his belief in that he has been victimized; if he did not have these things he would have nothing.  


#32 – Farewells


“That’s done, now get out of my house,” Black says untangling his limbs from Snape’s. 


#33 – World


Someone like Black will never see that to understand the world you have to understand the darkness and evil in it.  


#34 – Formal


He assumes a tone of formal politeness when dealing with Black knowing it makes the other man furious.


#35 – Fever


Black grips Snape by the throat kissing him coarsely and whispers “you make me sick, Snivellus, you always have.”


#36 – Laugh


When they were at Hogwart’s Sirius Black was always laughing, he doesn’t laugh anymore; Snape is glad of that, Black’s laughter was always more painful than any hex or jinx. 



#37 – Lies


Sometimes he forgets himself and says the things you say something like “I love you” or   “you’re beautiful”; they both know it’s not true.


#38 – Forever


He feels like he has always been here, lying crushed beneath Sirius Black. 


#39 – Overwhelmed


Snape allows Black to overwhelm him, yields to him because he knows he could easily resist if he chose, not like when they were in school. 


#40 – Whisper


At the moment of climax he turns his head away and whispers “Remus,” so softly the other man will not hear. 


#41 – Wait


It’s the waiting Sirius hates; it’s enough to drive him mad, drive him to distracting himself with dangerous games. 


#42 – Talk


If Sirius’s rough kiss were a wine Snape would say it had undertones of earth, chocolate, tobacco and hate; even at the most unexpected moments he can speak with authority. 


#43 – Search


He was looking for something to push him over the edge, one way or the other; he found Sirius Black. 


#44 – Hope


As long as he still holds the slightest hope of affection, of something akin to tenderness, he knows he has been mastered.


#45 – Eclipse


Lupin has always seemed to Snape like the light at the end of a tunnel; Black has always been there to step between them, obscuring that light. 


#46 – Gravity


He has been pulled as if by gravity to the two men who have degraded him the most; Lord Voldermort and Sirius Black.


#47 – Highway


At some point down the road what he does may matter to the outcome of the struggle with Voldermort but at the moment what he does behind the doors of 12 Grimmauld Place is of consequence only to his own soul.


#48 - Unknown


Even before he went to prison Sirius knew there was a part of himself that saw sex as being not about pleasure or love but about power and anger; a part of himself he has always refused to look at. 


#49 – Lock


When Black was fifteen and Snape was fourteen their eyes met for the first time, black eyes and grey eyes catching each other like traps each too proud to be the one to look away even after twenty years.


#50 – Breath


When Sirius Black dies Snape feels like he can finally breath again


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