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Fate's Mercy: Harry Potter Drabble

Author: Bitterfig

Title:  Fate’s Mercy

Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Parvati Patil/Gabrielle Delacour

Summary: Post-war AU.  Parvati and Gabrielle lost their sisters, but they found each other.

Word Count: 243

Beta Reader: Nzomniac

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Non-graphic yuri (femmeslash). 

Author’s Notes:  This piece was originally conceived as part of the auld_lang_snape New Year’s Eve writing challenge.  It is being used for prompt #099 Writer’s Choice for [info]100_women.   Click here to view my  100_women progress chart.


Fate’s Mercy



They were lovely but very different, the two witches whose hands entwined. 


The elder was dark, her skin the rich brown of unfinished mahogany.  She wore a flimsy dress of flaming red silk shot through with threads of gold cut low over her lush, full breasts.  Her hair was down.  It hung past her shoulders, dark and waving.  Her face was broad, dominated by dark and liquid eyes, and above the bold sweep of her brows, a single red dot. 


The younger was scarcely more than a girl.  She had the face of an old-fashioned doll.  Her eyes were wide and silver blue, her skin like cream and rose petals.  Her snowy hair fell past her waist.  She wore a dress of delicate lace, antique and yellowed with age--a child’s garment that did not conceal her long legs or her curving woman’s body.


The witches kissed.  Soft lips meeting, a crackling of old lace, a rustling of silk. 


Once, each of them had been part of a pair, a matched set, two of a kind.  Each had been mirrored by a sister just like her.  Parvati had her twin, Padma; Gabrielle had been a tiny replica of her Fleur. 


Fate had been cruel to them; each had lost her other self, her mirror, her sister.


Fate had been cruel to them but not without mercy.  They had joined together, and, dissimilar though they were, formed a pair.  Now they belonged to each other.


Tags: community: 100_women, drabble: harry potter, fandom: harry potter, femslash/yuri
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