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Masterlist of Stories 12/06 -03/08 Part 1

This is the list of all written between 12/01/06 and 03/31/08.  Fandoms are listed alphabetically.  Stories are in chronological order under fandom.

Earlier stories, written between 04/06 when this journal began and 11/06 can be found here.
This list is continued here.

28 Days Later

Rage Infection.  R.  Major Henry West/Jim.  Major West had promised Selena and Hannah to his men but he had his own plans for Jim.

Across the Universe

Prudence from Ohio:  Prudence/Sadie, Prudence/Rita.  PG.  Drabble.

Brokeback Mountain

No Choice Worth Choosing: PG.  Enis/Jack, Enis/Alma.  Drabble.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow Rosenberg- 5 True Loves: PG-13, yuri, het.  Sketches of Willow's five true loves.

You Know I'm No Good: R.  Faith/Gigi.  Gigi was bad, but she was offering Faith the closest thing she’d ever had to love.


The Hanged Man: Brother Justin/Tommy Dolan.  R.  Tommy Dolan wanted to know more than he wanted to be saved.

The Da Vinci Code

Holy Creature: PG.  Yaoi.  Bishop Aringarosa/Silas.  Drabble.

Will be Done: Bishop Aringarosa/Silas.  Rated PG-13.   Drabble.

How Much More: Arringarosa/Silas.  NC-17.  Bishop Aringarosa believed in and practiced corporal mortification.  He believed it served God that his followers should subjugate their bodies to the spirit, should share in the sufferings in the crucifixion.  And yet it filled him with horror to look on Silas’ wounds, to know he was the one who had taught Silas to flog himself and to wear the cilice on his thigh.

The  Dreamers

Aux Trois de Nous:Matthew/Theo (Matthew/Theo/Isabelle), NC-17.   Seduction via film noir.

Eastern Promises

The Driver: Nikolai/Kirill.  PG.  Drabble.

Compassion Beyond Pity: Nikolai/Kirill.  PG.  Nikolai wasn’t quite as heartless as he would have liked to be.

Underworld: PG-13. Nikolai/Kirill. Set several hours after the conclusion of the film. Nikolai might control Kirill but there was a price to be paid.

Letting: Eastern Promises. Nikolai/Kirill. R. Prompt: Partners.

Thunder and Lightening. Eastern Promises. Nikolai/Kirill. PG. Prompt: Thunder and Lightening.

Respect: Eastern Promises. Nikolai/Kirill. PG-13. Prompt: Respect.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

 Coming on Christmas: Clementine/Joel.  PG.  It wasn’t their first Christmas together, but she couldn’t remember the others.


The Art of Seduction: Inara/Kaylee.  PG.  Drabble.

The Annunciation: Cross over with Sandman.  River/Delirium. The crew of Serenity is surprised when they learn that River is expecting a child and even more surprised to find out how she got pregnant.

Fruits Basket

First Night: Yuki/Hatsuharu, R.   Set on the New Year’s Eve before the series begins.  Haru’s love for Yuki can not undo the damage wrought by Akito’s abuse. 

Volcano Girl: PG, Kagura/Kyou (Shigure/Akito implied) .  Kagura reached out to Kyou, the ostracized cat of the zodiac, when no one else would.  Yet, somehow her love and acceptance never mattered to him.

Mutual Suplication: NC-17.  Hatori/Shigure.  There had always been something between Hatori and Shigure, something fierce and dangerous that neither of them named or spoke of.

Mater Tenebrarum.  Isuza (Rin)/Kagura.  Yuri.  NC-17.  Isuza, in her darkest moments, pulls Kagura down with her.

Breathe: Akito/Yuki.  R.  Drabble.  Set pre-series when Yuki is still living at the Souma Estates.  Akito and his “playmate” engage in a dangerous game where Yuki’s life is in Akito’s hands. 

Cruel Delight: Akito/Shigure/Kureno, NC-17: Akito was their God, she played them against each other with cruel delight.

Gangster No. 1

Covet: Gangster 55/Freddie Mays.  PG-13.  Drabble.

Good Omens
Strictly Destructive: War/Famine/Pollution.  PG-13.  Drabble.

 Not Everyone Wishes for Peace: Crossover with Harry Potter, Bellatrix/War.  Drabble.


Bad Idea: PG-13, Yuki Eiri/Yoshiki (speculative).  Eiri considers the possibility of being with Yoshiki and raising Riku as their son.  Set after the Gravitation EX tracks.

The Ride Through Wonderland: R, Kitazawa Yuki/Seguchi Tohma, Kitazawa Yuki/Uesugi Eiri .  When Kitazawa Yuki met the beautiful blond strangers from Japan, the world was turned upside down and inside out.

Everything You Thought It Would Be: R.  Tatsuha/Ryuichi, Tohma/Eir.   Two drabbles of the perils of getting your heart’s desire.   

210%:  NC-17.  Genderfuck.  Reiji (Rage)/Yoshiki.  Set immediately before the start of Gravitation EX.  Yoshiki wonders if her budding relationship will Reiji will continue after her gender reassignment surgery.


Flower of the Apocalypse: R. Yuri. Dr. Dakota Block/Cherry Darling.  Based on the "Planet Terror" segment of Grindhouse.  Before she can build the world a new, Dr. Dakota Block has to come to terms with her past.  A sort of fairy tale.

Harry Potter

Jocasta Fair: NC-17, het (incest), Draco Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy.  Set during the Christmas break in December/January of HBP.  Narcissa would go to any measure, make any sacrifice for the sake of her son.

Silver Swan: R, yuri, Cho Chang/Luna Lovegood.  Ravenclaw femmeslash!  Cho had never really noticed Luna until Harry Potter invited her to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas Party.  Soon she found she couldn’t get Luna off her mind.

The Source of the Poison: R, yaoi (incest), Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Sirius Black/Regulus Black. Set on Halloween morning, 1981.  Sirus believes Remus is a Death Eater but at the heart of his paranoia are his own guilty secrets. 

auld_lang_snape drabbles : PG to PG-13 (Gen, het, yuri). Nine drabbles written for the New Years Eve challenge.  

Fate's Mercy: PG-13.  Yuri. 
Parvati Patil/Gabrielle Delacour.  Post-war AU.  Parvati and Gabrielle lost their sisters, but they found each other. 

The Long Grift: NC-17.  Yaoi.  Remus Lupin/Draco Malfoy.  Post-war AU set four years after HPB.  Voldemort has been defeated.  Lupin is married to Tonks and they are expecting their first child when he is drawn into the ambious schemes of a not exactly reformed Draco Malfoy. 

Inflammatory Writ:  PG-13.  Yuri.  Andromeda Black/Eileen Prince Snape.  As eighteen-year-old Andromeda Black prepares to defy the conventions of the Wizarding world by marring a Muggle-born wizard she reaches out to Eileen Snape, the pureblood witch who married a Muggle.  Enchanted by the passionate writings of the young Eileen, Andromeda hopes the older woman will be a role model for her.  In the end she is, though not in the way Andromeda had hoped. 

A Dream Within A Dream: PG-13.  Gen.  Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood.  Fairy Tale AU.  Snape has lived his whole life in the exulted towers of Hogwarts, high above all earthly concerns.  Then one day he witnesses an assult on Luna Lovegood by her classmates and learns the dark truth of what substains the school.

Kind Master: Severus Snape/Evan Rosier.  Yaoi.  R.  Severus Snape belonged to Evan Rosier.  He was owned, like a book or a piece of jewelry.  He had been owned for the past decade, ever since he was twelve years old. 

Strange Little Girls: A Luna Lovegood/Nymphadora Tonks Manifesto: Unrated.  Yuri.  Luna/Tonks.  Meta.  An essay on my fave Harry Potter femmeslash pairing. 

His: Draco/Pansy, Pansy/Narcissa.  Het.  Yuri.  PG.  Drabble. 

Dollhouse: Ginny/Tonks, Yuri, R.  Drabble.

How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth: R. Het (incest).  Walburga Black/Regulus Black.  Sirius was an ungrateful cur who broke his mother's heart but Regulus was a good son.

Bound by Venom: Severus Snape/Igor Karkaroff.  Yaoi.  NC-17.  Set during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  With Voldemort’s return impending, Karkaroff and Snape confront their past betrayals and future possibilities.  Written for the Snape Rare Slashaton 2007 .

Harry Potter Drabbles: Various Pairings.  Het, Yuri, Yaoi.  PG-PG-13.  An assortment of drabbles written for various challenges and communities.

The Bones of the Lilac: Andromeda/Bellatrix (Andromeda/Bellatrix/Narcissa implied).  Yuri.  R.  Much as they tried to deny it, the Black sisters would always be a part of each other.

All the Dead Boys: Snape/various implied.  PG.  Drabble.

After the Rain: Remus Lupin/Ginny Weasley, Ginny Weasley/Lavender Brown.  Genderfuck.  R.  Dark post-war AU.  After the devastation of the war, a seemingly anonymous encounter briefly brings a much altered Lupin and Ginny face to face with each other and themselves.

Tiresias: R.  Yaoi/het/genderfuck.  Gideon Prewett/Simon (Sibyll) Trelawney.  Trelawney shook her head and took the photograph from Parvati’s hand, squinting at it through her thick glasses.  “It all seems so strange now but once I was Simon Trelawney.  That foolish boy has grown into this foolish woman….”

The Final Impediment: NC-17.  Yaoi.  Remus Lupin/Severus Snape.  Set a few weeks before the end of HBP.  For twenty years, the wolf had made Snape hesitate when he needed to act, made him weak when he needed to be strong.  And now, his master--his true master--had set before him a task on which everything hinged.  A task he could not fail at, but one he could not accomplish so long as the wolf haunted him.  So long as he feared the wolf, he would know he was a coward. 

Deathly Hallows Memorial Drabbles: 100 word drabbles for three characters who die in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

The Visitor: Percy Weasley/Barty Crouch Jr.. R. Set during Goblet of Fire. Percy realized from the beginning that there was something very off about Mr. Crouch’s visitor, something dangerous that would baffle and seduce him, then baffle him some more.

In Memoriam Part 1/Part 2: Ted Tonks.  R.  The life and death of Ted Tonks. 

 The Depths We Fall To: Lupin/Snape.  PG-13.  Set during Deathly Hallows. Despondent after being rejected in his bid to join the Trio on their quest, Lupin turns to Snape as his last chance of oblivion and escape from the responsibilities he can not face.  

Uncollected Harry Potter Drabbles.  Various pairings/characters.  G-PG.

My Pretty One.  Bellatrix/Hermione (Bellatrix/Alice Longbottom past), drabble.

Different Flowers: Snape/Petunia.  NC-17.  Petunia needed someone to blame for her sister’s death, someone to punish. 

Three Times Tonks was Unfaithful to her Husband: Tonks/Ron, Tonks/Bellatrix, Tonks/Fleur.  R.  Tonks wanted to be a good wife but she was a bit too reckless and passionate to remain faithful to her husband...

Undreamed Of: Ginny/Luna/Harry.  G.  Drabble.

All Consuming: Dumbledore/Grindelwald.  PG.  Gellert taught Albus to blaze, to stop feeling guilty because he was better and smarter than anyone else but to relish it and to embrace his destiny not as a servant but as a master.

Nothing to Me: Snape/Draco,  Drabble. 

Firebolt: PG-13. Severus Snape, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood. Set during Deathly Hallows. When Headmaster Snape shows leniency after the theft of Gryffindor’s sword, Ginny begins to pursue him in a relentless attempt to uncover his motivations.

Celestial and Ginger: R. Slughorn, Snape, Luna/Ginny. Follow up to Firebolt. Slughorn discovers that Snape has enchanted Luna and Ginny into a fairy tale world. As reality begins to intrude on the girl’s dreamworld, Slughorn and Snape confront their own shared past.

2008 Drabbles: PG to R.  15 drabbles centered on 15 female characters.

Easter Egg Radishes:  NC-17.  Luna/Tonks.  Luna/Ginny.  Five years after the final battle, Luna Lovegood finds herself drawn to the memory of Nymphadora Tonks.

Dear Narcissa.  R.  Bellatrix/Narcissa (Bellatrix/Andromeda implied).  The tangled skein of love and hate among the sisters Black.

Harry Potter Drabbles:  PG to R.

His Dark Materials

The Dinner Guest: PG.  Lyra/Mrs. Coulter.  Drabble.

Jehovah and His Lucifer.  PG-13.  Asriel/Marisa Coulter.  Drabble.

Kill Bill

Snow White: NC-17, Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride)/O-ren Ishii.  Upon O-ren’s death, Beatrix remembers the once upon a time story of them together.

The L Word

Set to Music.  Alice/Dana.  PG-13.  Drabble.

Lord of the Rings

Possessed: Sam/Frodo, PG.  Drabble.  The power of the ring was stronger than even love.

Stewardship.  Boromir/Aragorn. R.  Drabble.


Galatea Butterfly: NC-17.  Yaoi.  Soubi/Ritsu.  In Soubi, Ritsu-sensei created the ultimate Fighting Unit--a creature so perfect even he could not resist.

To Master: R.  Gen (hints of Yaoi).  Soubi/ Seimei, Ritsuka.  Ritsuka learns about the degree to which Soubi allowed himself to be controlled by Seimei.

Dawn or Fire : PG-13.  Yuri.  Kouya/Yamato (Zero girls).  Drabble. 

Heartless: R. Yaoi.  Soubi/Ritsu.  20 glimpses into Ritsu and Soubi's relationship. 

Two Loveless Drabbles : "Contaminated", PG-13 Ritsuka/Seimei  and  "Autobiography of a Mask", R, Soubi/Seimei. 

Fax Paus: PG. 
Yuiko, Ritsuka.  Gen.  Ritsuka’s homecoming doesn’t quite go as Yuiko hoped.  Drabble.

Childish Things:  PG.  Nagisa.  Gen.  Nagisa hasn't changed so much since she was a little girl.  Drabble.

Toy: PG.  Kio and Soubi (mentions of Soubi/Ritsuka).  Gen.  The masters tools can never dismantle the master's house.  Drabble. 

Etherized: R. Yaoi.  Ritsu/Midori.  AU set after Zero Sum chapters.  Having lost his fighter, Midori almost loses himself.

Wistful Thinking: R.  Kio/Soubi, Seimei/  Gen (implied shounen-ai).  Set pre-series.  Kio flirted and pouted and lived as if life was something light, something breezy, while all the while he knew it was not.

Two Loveless Drabbles:  "The Only One,"
Nagisa/Ritsu.  "Perfect Composition" Kouya/Yamato (Zero Girls). 
Angel in Heavy Syrup: Yamato/Kouya.  NC-17.  The Zero girls break in the new strap-on.

Marvel Comics

Tea and Marmalade (X-men/New Mutants): Betsy Braddock (Psylocke)/Doug Ramsey (Cypher).  PG-13.  A shaman’s spell allows Betsy to finally resolve the ambiguous feelings she harbored for Doug before he died.

Cross That Bridge When We Come To It (Runaways):
Gertrude Yorke (Arsenic)/Chase Stein (Talkback).  PG-13.  Gert could deal with Evil Time Traveling parents and a telepathically controlled dinosaur, but having a boyfriend was kind of a stretch.

Coin-Operated Boy: (Runaways) Victor Mancha/Chase Stein.  Rated R.  Twisted power plays and button pushing. 

Miller’s Crossing 

Somebody Else’s:  Bernie/Mink.  PG.  Drabble.  It wasn’t that Mink was such a prize, Bernie just like the idea of having something that belonged to someone else.

Continued here.
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