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Masterlist of Stories 04/06 to 11/06

Bitterfic Masterlist

Fan fiction by Bitterfig



Fandoms are listed alphabetically.  Stories are in chronological order under fandom.


From Dusk Till Dawn

All Women Are Bad- R.  Slash.  Seth/Richie.  Set several years before the action of
the film, how a purple-haired devil girl almost busted up the Gecko brothers for good.


50 Sentences on the Gecko Brothers- R.  Slash.  Seth/Richie.  Written
for 1sentence


My Brother, My Killer- A Gecko Manifesto- Meta.  Essay on the 
Gecko brothers written for written for ship_manifesto

Fairy Tales

All The Treats- R.  A modern Hansel and Gretel story about a brother and sister taken
in by a charming, sinister Candy Maker.  Inspired by Tim Burton's Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory
was a huge inspiration.  That and the White Stripes. 
And candy, lots and lots of candy.
The Seventh Swan- R.  A post-modern, contemporary retelling of the Brothers 
Grimm fairy tale The Seven Swans.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket drabbles

Prince and Dragon- NC-17.  Slash.  Yuki/Hatori.  Yuki attempts to be a prince in the Machiavellian sense, seducing his older cousin to secure Tohru’s place in the Souma household. 


Things Change- R.  Femmeslash.  Honda Tohru/Uotani Arisa (Uo-chan).  AU.  Nothing can remain the same forever, even in Tohru’s circle of friends.  High school ends and Uo-chan prepares to leave to study abroad.  


The Banquet- NC-17.  Gen.  Yuki, Haru, Akito, Kyou, Tohru.  In the days before a banquet in celebration of Akito’s birthday that will bring together all the juunishi, Yuki becomes ill.  In explaining Yuki’s illness to Tohru and Kyou (who is barred from the banquet because he is not an official member of the Zodiac), Haru reveals a dark side of the Souma family.


Precious Monster- NC-17.  Het.  Akito/ Shigure.  “The thing Akito hated the most was what Shigure loved the most.  She hated and he loved the vile maw of femininity.”

Planted or Buried?- R. Gen. 
Before Yuki left the main house of the Souma Estate, Hatori erased a part of his memory.  Not the memory of abuse but the memory of resistance.


Mozart Orchid- NC-17.  Slash.  Yuki Eiri/Seguchi Tohma.  Yuki wasn’t always such a bastard.  He has a funny way of remembering that.


50 Sentences on Yuki Eiri and Seguchi Tohma- R.  Slash.  Eiri/Tohma.  Written for 1sentence.

Glaze – R.  Slash.  Eiri/Tohma.  Set four years before the series begins.  Eiri is eighteen, living in his father’s home, depressed, violent and completely out of control.

Dove On a Tether- NC-17.  Slash. Seguchi Tohma/Yuki Eiri/ Shindou Shuuichi.  Yuki Eiri’s compulsion to test the limits of anyone who cares about him results in a fairly disastrous threesome.

Hiroshima- NC-17.  Gen.  Aizawa Tachi, Fujisaki Suguru, Seguchi Tohma.  Seguchi Tohma had all but killed Tachi when he pushed him in front of that car.  It was only right that he should pay- pain for pain, shattered life for shattered life.  But how do you avenge yourself  on someone as invincible as the Shachou of NG Productions?

The Language He Left: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5- R.  Slash.  Eiri/Shuuichi, Eiri/Tohma, Eiri/ Kitazawa Yuki.  A five-part examination of the way Yuki Eiri’s early relationship with Kitazawa Yuki influenced his adult conceptions of love and sexuality.

Lessons In Games- R.  Slash.  Tohma/Sugura.  One word—manipulation.  When Tohma offered him the place in Bad Luck, he’d wanted Suguru to clutch onto it as his last and only hope.  He wanted his cousin desperately and fervently dedicated to the band.

Lemon and Lavender- PG-13.  Femmeslash.  Noriko/Mika.  When Tohma introduces his new girlfriend to Nittle Grasper, its love at first scowl for Noriko.

Tentacle Eyes-  NC-17.  Slash.  Taki/Tohma.  The night that can make or break Aizawa Taki.  While playing a gig at an upscale fetish club ASK is scouted by the president of NG Productions.  The first encounter between Taki and Tohma.  Nobody gets pushed in front of a car, but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty. 


Harry Potter

Assorted Harry Potter drabbles

Under the Skin – R.  Slash.  Snape/Voldermort.  A young Severus Snape’s brutal initiation into the 
service of the Dark Lord.
Too Late For Apologies-  R.  Slash.  Snape/Sirius Black.  Set during Order of the Phoenix.  Snape
 and Black open some old wounds. 
The Black Prince- PG-13.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  The first meeting between twenty-year-old 
Snape and the newly initiated Death Eater Regulus Black. 
Inching Towards Atonement- R.  Slash.  Lupin/Greyback.  After his closest friends are murdered and his
 lover arrested in connection with their deaths Remus Lupin, consumed by guilt, embraces his own personal demon. 
The Secret Keeper- R.  Slash.  Lupin/Regulus Black.  October 1979.  Intent on leaving the Death 
Eaters Regulus Black comes to Lupin in a last, desperate attempt to reconcile with his brother Sirius. 
Slumming- PG-13.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  May, 1979.  A group of Death Eaters in Muggle 
London to celebrate Regulus Black’s eighteenth birthday.
50 Sentences on Severus Snape and Sirius Black- R.  Slash.  Snape/Sirius Black.  written for 1sentence.

Masked- NC-17.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  1979- Regulus is 18, Snape is 20.  Their first time
together.  First in a series of 7 stories for 7spells
Messages of the Body- R.  Slash and Het.  Lupin/Greyback.  Lupin/Tonks.  Sometimes a sane, healthy 
relationship just can’t compete with being a psychotic werewolf’s bitch.
Silencing the Whispers- R.  Slash.  Lupin/Snape.  Lupin and Snape’s first encounter, Post-Half 
Blood Prince. A bit of a bloody mess.
Childhood Habits- R.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  Regulus Black/Sirius Black.  That awkward 
moment when you decide to be exclusive with your new lover and you have to breakup with your
.  Second in a series of 7 stories for 7spells.
Silvery Moon- NC-17.  Het.  Lupin/Alice Longbottom.  October, 1981. An unexpected dalliance 
between who members of the Order of the Phoenix.  Who knew Neville’s mom was such a bombshell?
The White Birds- PG-13.  Gen with slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  Tonks.  An eleven year old 
Tonks with green hair.  A seven year old Tonks with lilac hair.  White birds, a wedding and a very
dangerous “what might have been?”  Third in a series of 7 stories for 7spells.
Crushed- PG-13.  Slash.  Lupin/Snape.  Set during their sixth year at Hogwarts.  The word crush has
 more than one meaning.  It can mean to adore or to humiliate, to like or to liquidate.  This story is
about both meanings.
Niobe's Daughter - PG-13.  Gen with a bit of femmeslash.  Luna Lovegood/Tonks.  Luna at five, ten, 
fifteen (Order of the Phoenix era) and twenty (post-war speculation).
In Bed With the Wolf 
Part 1- 5 years old to 20 Years old
Part 2-  25 years old to 40 years old
NC-17.  Slash and het.  Lupin/Sirius Black.  Lupin/Greyback.  Lupin/Harry Potter.  Lupin/Original 
Character.  Lupin/Luna/Tonks.  Glimpses of Remus Lupin’s life every five years, from Twenty-five to forty.
Eurydice Goes Down- R.  Femmeslash.  Luna/Tonks.  AU, post-HBP.  Lupin is captured by the Death 
Eaters.  Tonks and Luna Lovegood set out to rescue him.  High jinks ensue.  Except I don’t write high
jinks, so angst and weirdness ensue. 
The First Kill- R.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus Black.  Regulus’ first kill as a Death Eater.  Fourth in a series of
 7 stories for 7spells.
Five Fragments of an Obsidian Heart- NC-17.  Slash and Het.  Regulus/Sirius, Regulus/James Potter.  
Regulus/Barty Crouch Jr.  Regulus/Bellatrix.  Regulus/Snape.  The five true loves of Regulus Black.
Moonscape- R.  Femmeslash.  Luna/Tonks.  Drabble.  
I Show Not Your Face But Your Heart's Desire- NC-17.  Gen.  Lupin, Hermione.  Set immediately 
after HPB.  Harry and Ron are dead; Hermione is given the opportunity to join the Death Eaters.  
Remus Lupin is her initiation rite.  But it’s not AU.
Winter's Garden- NC-17. Slash.  Sirus Black/Snape.  Set during the winter of Order of the Phoenix, the 
pressures of serving as a double agent have strained Snape to the breaking point.  In number twelve,
Grimmauld Place, Sirius Black is going a little mad himself. 
I Thought...- R.  Het.  Lupin/Tonks.  Set during OotP.  Tonks tries to give Remus what she thinks he wants but 
let's just say turning into the dead boyfriend of the guy you like is very rarely a good idea...
Dance With A Stranger- PG-13.  Gen, or slash depending on how dirty your mind is.  Neville Longbottom, 
Barty Crouch Jr.  Set during Goblet of Fire.  On the night of the Yule Ball, Neville encounters a mysterious
stranger with a link to his parents. 
The Death Eater's Bride- R.  Het.  Draco/Pansy.  A retelling of Bluebeard.  Finding seclusion less than blissful
 the newly-wed Mrs. Malfoy opens a door she has been cautioned against and discovers her husbands most
dangerous secrets.  
His Red Shoes- NC-17.  Slash.  Peter Pettigrew/Barty Crouch, Jr., Peter Pettigrew/Remus Lupin.  Set during the 
first War.  Peter Pettigrew is seduced into evil, or does he embrace it?  Once you begin the dance of the red shoes,
you can never stop. 
Hope In the Broken World- R.  Femmeslash/genderfuck.  Luna/Tonks/Lupin.  AU, post-HBP.  A year after being 
tortured and driven mad by Death Eaters, Remus Lupin is released from St. Mungo’s.  Where do you find hope
 in a broken world? 
Expectant- PG-13.  Slash.  Snape/Regulus, Bellatrix.  October, 1979.  Regulus believes he’s found the way out 
of the Death Eaters, but who deserves to be saved?  Fifth in a series of 7 stories for 7spells
Time Enough-R.  Slash.  Regulus/Snape, Regulus/Lucius Malfoy.  Regulus Black’s last days.  Misplaced trust, and 
buying time.  Sixth in a series of 7 stories for [info]7spells

 The Pawn's Consolation- NC-17.  Lupin/Snape, Lupin/Greyback, Snape/Voldermort.  Set during HBP.  Lupin is 
undercover with Greyback’s wolf pack.  In Fenrir Greyback’s mistreatment of Lupin, Snape sees a parallel to his
 own life that draws him to Lupin.

Name- R.  Gen (pre-slash?).  Lupin/Snape.  Marauders era.  In his attempt to take revenge following the Shrieking
Shack incident, Snape takes his first steps both towards and away from the Death Eaters.  


The Marriage of Murder and Suicide: Chapter 1/6  Chapter 2/6  Chapter 3/6  Chapter 4/6  Chapter 5/6  Chapter 6/6  Commentary- NC-17.  Slash.  Lupin/Snape.  Lupin/Draco.  Post-war AU set three years after the events of HPB.  A year after Voldemort’s defeat Remus Lupin traces down Severus Snape who is a fugitive living in Paris.   Both men have been profoundly altered in body and mind by the war and its aftermath.  Lupin is dying, his life being choked away by a dark secret he can not and will not reveal.  Snape’s efforts to save Lupin’s life challenge all boundaries of morality. Violation, forbidden magic, betrayal, murder, obsessive and redemptive love will all come into play before the truth is revealed.

Lady Tom- R.  Het and femmeslash.  Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle, Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley/Pansy 
Parkinson.  Ginny reflects on the lingering influence Tom Riddle has had on her.  Set around the end of HBP.
Dark Pink- NC-17.  Het/genderfuck.  Tonks/Snape.  June, 1991.  Harry Potter will be coming to Hogwarts in the fall.  
Nymphadora Tonks is about to leave.  The rather forward eighteen year old Metamorphmagi blunders in on her Potions
professor at a particularly vulnerable moment.
Once We Were Flowers, Once We Were Queens- PG-13.  Gen.  Fleur Delacour Weasley, Pansy Parkinson Malfoy.  
Pansy and Fleur.  Three Halloweens.  The devastations of war. 
Quartet- R.  Femmeslash, slash, het.  Lupin, Tonks, Fleur, Bill Weasley.  After the Death Eaters take the village of 
Hogsmeade, Bill, Fleur, Tonks and Lupin hold the strategically located Shrieking Shack.  As circumstances worsen from
without, the needs and desires of the small group threaten to destroy it from within. 
Shame- NC-17.  Het, slash.  Alice and Frank Longbottom.  Barty Crouch Jr.  Long before the 
night the Longbottoms were tortured insensible, Barty Crouch, Jr. cast a shadow over their lives.  

Misc. (one shots)

Still There- The Deer Hunter (film).  R.  Slash.  Nick/Michael.  Nick’s last days in Saigon, a haze of drugs and memories. 


Cry Me A River- Big Love (television series).  PG-13.  Gen.  Alby and Nicki Grant.  Set pre-series when Alby and Nicki are
teenagers in a strict Mormon commune where sexuality is rigorously defined and homosexuality unthinkable. 


Beautiful Dancer– Rob Roy (film).  NC-17.  Slash.  Archibald Cunningham/Alan McDonald.  On the 
night of the Beltane fires before the events of the film have
been set into motion Rob Roy McGregor’s
 right hand man Alan McDonald
first encounters the Englishman Archibald Cunningham.
Girls Are Icky- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film).  PG.  Femmeslash.  Violet Beauregarde/Veruca Salt.  
Willie Wonka isn’t too fond of girls but Violet and Veruca are. 


Coleslaw Au Go-Go- Ghost World (film).  PG.  Gen.  Enid Coleslaw.  Enid’s life several years after the film. 


Haunted and Bewitched: 50 Sentences on Cassandra “Cassie” Hughes/Thelma Bates- Hex (television series).  
PG-13.  Femmeslash.  written for 1sentence

Drabbles- Loveless (anime/magna)

Prison Break

Wanted – NC-17.  Het.  T-Bag (Theodore Bagwell)/Susan Hollander.  Pre-series.  After her divorce, Susan Hollander never
through she could trust again.  Until she met Teddy…


Intimately Defiled- R. Slash.  T-Bag/Seth.  Before breaking in his new bitch T-Bag relates his own experiences when he
was in the same situation as the boy.


The Story of Issac- NC-17.  Slash.  T-Bag/Seth.  The events leading up to Seth’s suicide. 


Babydoll- PG-13.  Slash.  T-Bag/Michael.  An old photograph offers a glimpse into T-Bag’s troubled past.


May King- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Maytag.  T-Bag reflect on the dangerous and mutually obsessive relationship he had Maytag.


Rabid Animal- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Michael, T-Bag/Abruzzi.  Michael tries to connect with T-bag but it's never a good idea to
extend your hand to a rabid animal.


Red Like Crimson –R. Slash.  T-Bag/Abruzzi.  The day before the escape, Abruzzi/T-bag, some spiritual ministrations. 
Bruise Violet- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Abruzzi.  AU.  Post-escape.  Somewhere, somehow Abruzzi and T-bag run into 
each other and well you know how those two get.
How Men Their Brothers Maim – Meta.  Essay on T-Bag/Abruzzi written for ship_manifesto.  
Without Redemption- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Original Character.  Set four years before the Prison Break series begins 
immediately before the rape and murder binge that lands T-bag in Fox River.
Happy and Bleeding- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Abruzzi.  50 sentences on T-Bag and Abruzzi written for 1sentence.
Porcelain Doll-NC-17.  Slash. T-Bag/Michael.  Pre-Escape PWP.  That Scofield boy has some serious 
control issues.
Birthday – PG-13.  Gen.  T-Bag, Susan, Gracie.  Story is set 3 years before Prison Break Season 1 in 
Chicago, IL; Gracie Hollander is celebrating her 10th Birthday at Girl, Incorporated.  She says her mother
can bring her new boyfriend, Teddy along.   
Fever Dream- R.  Slash.  T-Bag/Michael.  Michael and Theodore are in the village square of Theodore’s 
hometown of Millhaven Alabama.  Michael is wearing a dark suit and a wreath of flowers.  Theodore has
blonde hair.
A God Without Mercy- R.  Gen.  T-Bag, Gracie Hollander.  AU, after the season one finale, T-Bag is reunited 
with Susan Hollander and her daughter Gracie.

Reservoir Dogs

Put Yourself In My Hands – R.  Pre-Slash.  Orange/White.  Set immediately before the film begins.


The Imaginary Mrs. Orange – PG-13.  Gen (with maybe hints of pre-slash).  An inquiry into Mr. Orange’s
unexplained wedding band.   


Always Knew It was You- R.  Slash.  Orange/White.  The wounded Mr. Orange reflects on the long string of
ineffectual father figures in his life.


Pink/Brown- R.  Crack.  Pink/Brown.  Why should Orange/White get all the slash? 


The Other Side of the Gun- PG-13.  Gen.  Larry (Mr. White)/Alabama.  Crossover with True Romance.  
Before the disastrous diamond heist Larry Dimick makes a call to his former partner and lover
Alabama Whitman-Worley.
Orange and White and Red All Over- R.  Slash.  Orange/White.  50 sentences on Mr. Orange and Mr. White 
written for 1sentence

Shot To Hell- Meta.  Essay on Mr. Orange for [info]idol_reflection.

Up Against the Wall- NC-17.  Slash.  Orange/White.  PWP.  

Tokyo Babylon

Twenty-One- PG-13.  Slash.  Subaru/Seishiro.  On his twenty-first birthday, Subaru remembers his murdered twin and the man who killed her. 


The Zoo Gala- PG-13.  Slash.  Subaru/Seishiro.  A seemingly idyllic evening during Seishiro’s Tokyo Babylon era courtship of Subaru. 


Offering- NC-17. Slash.  Subaru/Seishiro.  On a succession of nights, Subaru offers himself to the Sakurazukamori. 

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