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Different Than A Dream: Sandman Fic

Author: Bitterfig
Title: Different Than A Dream
Fandom: Sandman
Pairing: Desire/Wanda
Summary: It happened years before Wanda met Barbie or Thessaly or Hazel or Foxglove. Years before she heard of the Endless or the Dream King or any of the magic weirdness that got her killed.
Beta Reader: Fedink
Word Count: 454
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Explicit sexual content.
Author’s Note: Written for the porn_battle prompt “Sandman, Desire/any, gender is a construct that never did constrain her.”

Different Than A Dream


It happened years before Wanda met Barbie or Thessaly or Hazel or Foxglove.  Years before she heard of the Endless or the Dream King or any of the magic weirdness that got her killed. 


It happened when Alvin was becoming Wanda.  She went under for a round of facial reconstructive surgery and felt herself drifting beyond her own mind and body to another place.  A place that felt like horny anticipation, like obsession, like want and need wrapped so tight it was impossible to tell one from the other. 


This place was also a person, a beautiful creature, a gorgeous androgynous something unidentifiable as either man or woman.  A writhing Nagel print, a Duran Duran album cover brought to life. 


“Hello Alvin,” the creature purred.  “Hello Wanda.”


“Where am I?”  Wanda asked.  “Who are you?” 


“I am Desire,” the creature said.  “This is my realm.”


Desire kissed her, a kiss that made her feel like she’d had too much wine, that made her body tingle like she had never really been alive before. 


“Your kind, the ones who are neither and both, the ones who can feel me in so many different ways have always been very special to me,” Desire whispered.  “Even sacred.”


“You’re so beautiful,” Wanda gasped.  “You feel so good.”


“Of course I do.”


Desire’s hands danced over Wanda’s bare chest as if it were a musical instrument.  With each strumming stroke, Wanda changed.  Her chest was flat and hairy one moment, the next she had breasts.  Not bags of silicon tucked under her skin but real, soft woman’s breasts warmed by blood from the inside out.  Wanda caressed them rapturously, feeling the nipples harden in her fingers.  The creature pressed against her.  It had breasts as well that Wanda eagerly caressed rolling them against her own.


“Beautiful,” she sighed.  “So beautiful...” Desire tossed back its head, baring its white throat for Wanda to kiss as its hands slid down Wanda’s stomach, between her legs, touching her.  Touching her hard cock, touching the sleek, eager folds of her labia.  She was a man, she was a woman, Wanda, Alvin.  She was no longer restrained by gender or by sex.  She felt it all, male and female both, and something that went beyond male and female.   Desire too was man and woman and something beyond.  They were making love, they were fucking and it seemed like an ecstasy that would never end. 


Then Wanda was herself again, in a hospital bed with bandages on her face and a nurse with a cross around her neck that didn’t come when Wanda rang the bell.


Wanda told herself it must have been a dream but it had been so much different than a dream.


Tags: fandom: sandman, genderfuck
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