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Masterlist of Stories -04/08 to ????

Stories written between 04/01/08 and ?????

Fandoms are listed alphabetically, stories are in roughly chronologically under fandom.

28 Days Later
Party Dresses: PG-13.  Hannah/Selena.  Drabble.
An Illusion of Sanctuary: Major Henry West/Jim  R.  Before his true intentions were known, Major West offered an illusion of sanctuary.

After School Nightmare

Neither and Both:  PG-13.  Mashiro/Sou/Kureha.  Drabble.

Alice In Wonderland

American Psycho
This Christmas: Patrick Bateman, R.  Every year Patrick Bateman shows his appreciation to one of the artists who created his favorite holiday song.

Just Playing: Briony/Lola, R.  Drabble.

The Black Dahlia
Triangular Circle: Lee Blanchard/Bucky Bliechert/Kay Lake.  PG-13.  Drabble.

The Black Jewels Trilogy

His Mother's Son: Kartane/Dorothea. R (incest, child abuse): She moved deeper into his mind, past the veneer of the rakish libertine, the charming seducer he pretended to be, past the barely suppressed fury, deep into the heart of his being. There she found, much to her surprise, a shattered innocence.
To Mend What is Not Broken: PG-13. Wilhelmina Benedict/Karla. After a childhood spent scared out of her wits in Terreille, Wilhelmina finds more than just one kind of freedom in Kaeleer - and she finds Karla, who makes no secret about the fact that her lovers are female.

Brideshead Revisited
A Glimpse: Charles/Sebastian, PG.  Drabble.

In Bed With the Devil: Tommy Dolan/Iris/Brother Justin, R (non-con). Drabble.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, R, Libby/Sofie, Sofie’s Tarot cards turn up a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A Picnic Near Alpha Centauri :Harry Potter/Sandman, Luna Lovegood/Despair.  PG.  When Luna is locked up during the war, Despair comes for her and finds herself a bit baffled by Miss Lovegood’s outlook.
In The Mirror of Time : Revolutionary Girl Utena/The Rose of Versailles, Utena/Oscar, PG-13.  Utena sees herself mirrored in the historic figure of Oscar Francois de Jarjayes.
The Bad Sisters : x1999/Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kanoe/Kozue, PG-13.  After leaving Ohtori Academy Kozue falls in with a dangerous older woman who understands all too well what it feels like to be shackled by virtuous sibling.
The Moonbeam: Harry Potter/Marie Antionette, Luna Lovegood/Marie Antoinette.  PG-13.   A conjurer claiming to be from another time arrives at the Court of Versailles.
In Transit: Eastern Promises/Everything is Illuminated, Kirill/Alex.  PG-13.  On his way to visit Jonathan in New York City, Alex stops over in London where his premium dancing gains him a potentially dangerous admirer.
Vinegar Pie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Pushing Daisies, Faith/Ned, R (Warning: non con): Faith wanted to purge the taste of sweetness.
On The Veranda: True Blood/Mad Men, Pam/Betty Draper, PG-13. Betty Draper had the perfect life. The woman offered her a way out…
Copperhead: Revolutionary Girl Utena/Kill Bill, Juri Arisugawa/Elle Driver, PG-13.  IIf the girl wanted to surrender her ego, to learn to live without pride, Elle was more than willing to accommodate her.
Tiny Cakes, R, A Series of Unfortunate Events/Harry Potter, Violet/Luna, drabble.

Criminal Minds
No One There: Reid/Multiple, R. Drabble.
No Promises, R, Gideon/Reid, Drabble.

Dark Angel
Any Where I Lay My Head Is Home: Alec/Normal, NC-17.  Alec was a genetically engineered meta-human with a lifetime of covert military training. Still, he somehow managed to make a mess of things on a fairly regular basis.

DC Comics
The Princess and the Shadow: Kate Kane (Batwoman), PG-13.  Kate Kane’s decision to become Batwoman was not triggered by some horrific trauma, but was rather the culmination of a lifetime lived in the company of a secret self.

Doll In The Box- An Echo Fanmix
The Lure: Paul Ballard/November (Mellie), R.  Drabble
Sense Memory: Echo/Sierra, R.  Sierra was programmed to be sexless but her body remembered.

Dr. Who
Fewer Words: Harriet Jones.  G.  Drabble.
At Home in the Universe: Jack/Rose/Nine.  PG.  Drabble.
Someone's Little Girl: Nine/Rose. G.  She thought they had all the time in the world. 
Away From the Mirror: Donna/Rose, PG-13.  Set during the episode “Turn Left”, Rose helps Donna to deal with her fears.
Not This Time: Doctor/Master, PG-13. Drabble.
Lucy's Dress: Doctor/Master, NC-17 (rape): The rules of the game couldn’t have been simpler—whoever wore Lucy’s dress was supposed to be Lucy.

The Dreamers
Hidden Away: R.  Isabelle/Matthew/Theo.  Drabble.

Eastern Promises
The Line: Nikolai/Kirill.  PG-13.  If he wanted to survive, no clean-cut line could exist between Nikolai the man and Nikolai the crime boss. He needed to be the hard, cold, merciless bastard he pretended to be.
Enough To Forget: Nikolai/Kirill, PG-13. Drabble.
My Captain, R, Nikolai/Kirill (references to Kirill/Soyka) Summary: After he left the army, Kirill never thought he’d see Nikolai Luzhin again. Suddenly there he was in London, asking for work.

The Long Winter: Cutter/Nightfall/Redlance, PG.  Drabble.
Overflowing: Dewshine/Scouter/Tyleet, PG.  Drabble. 

Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Change of Heart: Elizabeth/Bess, PG.  Drabble.

Fight Club
Fully Integrated: Marla/Narrator/Tyler. R.  Drabble.

Thoughts Not Thought: River/Simon, R (incest): If you went too deep into a person’s mind you would find things that even they didn’t know about.
Iris, Messenger of the Gods: Inara/Saffron, PG-13.  Set post-Serenity. Inara was delighted to gain the attention of Ariel’s progressive new Prime Minister, the mysterious Iris.
Jewel and Star, Irana/Kayle, PG.  Drabble.

Fruits Basket
Beloved of the All: Saki Hanajima (Hana-chan)/Tohru Honda.  G.  Drabble.
More, PG-13, Tohru/Yuki/Kyo, drabble.  

Good Omens
Living in Sin: Aziraphale/Crowley, PG-13: Aziraphale found that while Paradise had been simple the world made by mankind was much more complicated.

Greek Mythology
Scarlet and Gold: Medea/Jason, R.  After Medea killed her brother, she claimed Jason as her own.

Harry Potter
A Poison or at Least a Drug: Snape/Lily, Snape/others, PG-13.  Drabble.
Follies of Youth: Tom/Minerva, NC-17.  Like most of us, Minerva McGonagall had her youthful indiscretions.
The City On The Hill: Remus/Harry.  R.  This story is a retelling of Prisoner of Azkaban set not in the late 20th century British Wizarding World of J. K. Rowling’s imagination but in a religious community in the United States during the 1840’s.
They Both Agreed: Snape/Narcissa.  PG-13.  Drabble (Warnings: Abortion)
This Child: Snape/Lily (Past).  PG.  Drabble.
Strawberry Gashes: Bellatrix Lestrange/Alice Longbottom, R.  Drabble.  
A First Time: Viktor Krum/Hermione Granger, NC-17.  Viktor wanted to be with Hermione somewhere that was important to her…
A Secret History: Molly/Bellatrix, PG. Drabble.
Whatever Comes, R, Ginny/Luna, Luna and Ginny face an uncertain sixth year at Hogwarts.

Heavenly Creatures
The Only Law: PG-13.  Pauline/Juliet.  Drabble.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Cobwebs: Prince Nuada/Princess Nuala.  PG-13.  Drabble.
Feel as I Feel: Abe/Nuala/Nuada. PG-13.  Nuala and Nuada had a bond, each felt what the other felt, even in the most intimate moments.

Best Interests, Peter/Nathan, R (incest).  Nathan just wanted to stop Peter from doing anything he'd regret.
Validation: Peter/Claude, NC-17. 
Set during season 1. There was more to Peter than Claude was willing to see.
Ready to Shine:
Monica/Camille, PG.  Drabble.
The One Who Picks Up the Pieces: Peter/Nathan, PG-13 (incest): Set a couple years before the series begins. In an effort to please his family, Peter is attending law school. Desperately unhappy, he increasingly turns to alcohol for relief. Nathan discovers this and intervenes.
A Clean and Noble Death: Nathan/Peter, PG-13. Drabble.
Electroconvulsive Therapy: Peter/Elle, R. Elle gets Peter’s attention. Set during season 2 when Peter is imprisoned by the Company.
The Third, PG,  Peter/Nathan/Sylar, drabble.

His Dark Materials
Dark Skies:
Serafina/Mrs. Coulter, PG-13.  Drabble.
White Mink, R (incest, rape, chan), Marisa Coulter/Lord Asriel, Lord Asriel/OMC, “You’ve never told me about your first time,” Marisa said. 

The Vanity of Kings: Henry VIII/Katherine Howard, Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn.  PG.  Drabble.
In Arles: Vincent Van Gogh/Paul Gauguin, R.  Paul came to Arles hoping for a bohemian life rich in passion and drama. He got what he wanted and more.
A Ray of Sunlight: Anne of Cleves/Katherine Howard, PG.  Drabble.
A Son and Heir, PG, Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn, Drabble.

Inglourious Basterds

What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You: Donny Donowitz/Hugo Stiglitz, NC-17.  A glimpse inside the world of Hugo Stiglitz.
They Called Him the Gentleman: Hans Landa, PG. Drabble.
Hanukkah Behind Enemy Lines: Aldo Raine, Smithson Utivich, Donny Donowitz, Shosanna Dreyfus, Marcel, Hans Landa. PG. Glimpses of the holidays from several perspectives.
The Fire Within, Shosanna/Marcel, PG. Drabble.
First Love, PG, Shosanna Dreyfus/Bridget von Hammersmark, drabble.

Unlucky: Mo/Dustfinger, PG.  Drabble
Entangled: Dustfinger/Silvertongue, R.  For hours Dustfinger had lain awake on the narrow bed, surrounded by towering boxes of books, hoping for and dreading Silvertongue’s arrival.

Jem and the Holograms
Reading Lessons: Roxy/Stormer (allusions to past Stormer/Kimber), PG-13.  Set after the Roxy Rumbles episode. While Stormer is helping her with her reading, Roxy finds out her friend was in a relationship with Kimber Benton when the two of them were cutting an album together. This knowledge forces Roxy to examine her own feelings for Stormer.
The Violet Sea: Kimber/Stormer.  G.  Drabble.
The Human Touch: Minx/Techrat, PG.  Drabble.

Kamikaze Girls
Some Indignities Have Their Rewards: Momoko/Ichigo, PG.  Drabble.

Kick Ass
5 Consecutive Life Sentences Plus 99 years, PG, Hit Girl/Frank D’Amico, Drabble.

Kill Bill
The Art of the Poisoner, Elle Driver, PG. Drabble.
To Love is to Bury, PG-13 (incest), Bill/Budd, drabble.

Little Miss Sunshine
Nietzsche’s Snake: Frank/Dwayne, R (incest):  Having never been able to help himself, Frank doesn’t quite know what to do when his nephew gets volatile.

Little Women
A Rainy Day Adventure: Laurie/Jo, R.  On a rainy afternoon, Jo decides she and Laurie should see what it’s like for him to be a girl and her a boy.

The Lovely Bones
In The In-Between, PG, Susie/Holly, drabble.

Mad Men
Stranger Still: Peggy Olsen/Pete Campbell, PG.  Drabble.
To Hell With the Right Thing: Sal, PG-13.  Sal reflects on his lifelong discretion and where it’s gotten him.
So Are You: Sal/Kenny, PG. Drabble.
The One To Blame: Betty/Don, PG-13. Drabble.

Magic Knight Rayearth
Belonging, PG, Hikaru/Umi/Fuu, drabble.

Marvel Comics
Cold Fusion: Northstar/Quicksilver, R.  Drabble.  

Merlin (BBC)
Lady in Waiting: Morgana/Gwen, G. Drabble.  
Her Father's Daughter: Uther/Morgana with maybe a hint of Uther/Morgana's father.  PG-13.   In many ways, Morgana reminded Uther of her father.
Let Me Serve You: Gwen/Morgana, NC-17.  “Tonight,” Morgana whispered, “let me serve you.”
Inconstant Rose: Morgana/Guinevere (Gwen), PG. Morgana and Gwen go to a nearby kingdom to visit Morgana’s dearest childhood friend, Roshannon. Morgana is distressed to discover that their bond is no longer what it once was.

The Heart and Bones of Me: Misato/Nana Osaki.  PG-13.  Drabble.

The Other Boleyn Girl
Unspeakable Sins: Jane Parker, George/Mary/Anne Boleyn, PG-13.  Drabble.
Anne's and Mine, R (incest), Anne/Mary, drabble.

The Manor House: R. The Manor House was a huge mansion located out in the desert. Originally intended as a summer retreat for a very wealthy family it had long since fallen into disuse. After the occupation, the owner of the house offered it to resistance leaders to use as a sort of secret base…
Finger-Shaped: PG-13. When I was in college I liked this boy, Vincent...
Pearlescent: PG. Drabble.
Holy Terror: NC-17 (incest, rape).  Before I found the way, I was a monster or at least I aspired to be a monster; a dragon, a vampire, a demon, a holy terror.
Baby, It's Cold Outside: NC-17.  An R&B chanteuse and a retro-jazz crooner give a new twist to a holiday classic.

Malignancy, R, Ryan O’Reily/Dr. Nathan, drabble.
Laugh it Off, R, Ryan O’Reily/Simon Adebisi/Scott Ross, drabble.

Princess Tutu
Without the Raven or the Swan: Ahiru/Rue, R.  Tutu and Kraehe take off the costumes of the Swan and the Raven to face each other as Ahiru and Rue.

Prison Break
A Gesture of Good Faith, R, Whistler/Mahone, Whistler had the way out but he required a gesture of good faith.  
The Wounded Lion, R, T-Bag/Mahone, Set at the beginning of season 3. As Mahone goes through drug withdrawal he finds an unlikely (and unwelcome) source of comfort. 


It's Not Me, It's You: Stacia/Sophie, R.  Drabble.
Rope of Pearls: Stacia/Grace, R.  Drabble.
Simultaneous, R,  Stacia/Grace/Lucille.  Stacia was simultaneously involved with two women on two different levels of reality.

Red Dragon
The Pieces: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham.  R.  Dub-con.  Will was getting close in the Chesapeake Ripper case. He had all the pieces of the puzzle, he just couldn’t fit them together. Doctor Lector was willing to lend his expertise.
After the Fact: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham.  R.  Drabble.

Reservoir Dogs
This Isn't Me: R.  Orange/White (references to past Mr. White/Alabama).  I’ll turn 54 in a couple of months. By the time you get to my age you have a pretty good idea of who and what you are. This isn’t me.
God Only Knows: Orange/White, R.  Drabble.
Mexico (What Could Have Been): Orange/White, R. Drabble.
Cupcake, R, Blonde (Vic Vega)/Orange (Freddy Newandyke),  “You remind me of guys I used to see around when I was in prison, ” Blonde said. Freddy’s heart stopped.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Persephone or Hades: Utena/Anthy, R.  Utena dreamed that she wandered through an underworld of darkness and pain. 
Tarnished Gold: Touga/Nanami, PG-13 (incest).  Years after they have parted, Nanami writes her Big Brother a letter.

The Rose of Versailles
Something To Be: Oscar/Rosalie.  PG-13.  Why had Oscar, a member of the nobility, taken in a girl from the street with murder in her heart?

Diamond in the Sky: Nico/Karolina, PG.  Drabble.
Larger Than Average, PG-13, Gert/Chase, drabble.

Different Than A Dream: Desire/Wanda, R.  It happened years before Wanda met Barbie or Thessaly or Hazel or Foxglove. Years before she heard of the Endless or the Dream King or any of the magic weirdness that got her killed.
From Delight to Delirium -A Delirium Fanmix

All the Waves in the Ocean: Anubituf/Garagief, R.  Anubituf always expected to be a man but to him Garagief had embodied the mysteries of femininity. Somehow they both wound up men and in love.

Son of a Witch
Homecoming: Liir/Trism.  R.  Following the events of the novel Liir and Trism are reunited.

A Song of Ice and Fire
Sweeter Than Lemon Cakes: Daenerys/Sansa, PG.  Drabble.
Eat A Peach: Renly/Loras, R.  Riding to meet with his stern and disapproving brother, Renly would have very much preferred to have been back in bed with Loras. 

Southern Vampire Mysteries
Can't Help It: Sookie Stackhouse, PG. 
Sookie reflects on her mixed feelings about motherhood.

Strangers In Paradise
Measuring Up, PG-13, Casey/Freddie, Francine/Freddie, Drabble.
With This Flower, PG, Katchoo/Darcy Parker, Drabble.

Strawberry Shortcake
Souffle, R, Strawberry Shortcake/Plum Puddin', When her soufflé falls, Strawberry Shortcake is very cross.
An Impossible Thing, R, Plum Pudding/Apricot, How a little boy became a woman.

Sweeney Todd
The Ghost Inside: Johanna (Benjamin)/Anthony, PG-13.  Three years have passed since the events of Sweeney Todd. Passing as a boy, Johanna is now called Benjamin. She and Anthony are sailors together. When Anthony is accused of murdering the Captain of the vessel they’re sailing on it falls to Benjamin to save him.

Teen Titans (DC Comics)
Ends and Means: Slade/Terra.  PG-13.  Drabble.
Photographs: Starfire (Koriand’r)/Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), PG.  Drabble.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
She Turns, PG, Sarah/Cameron, drabble.

There Will Be Blood

The Wrath of God: Daniel Plainview/Eli Sunday, R. In Daniel Plainview’s hatred, Eli saw the wrath of God made manifest.
Cain and Esau: Paul Sunday/Eli Sunday.  R.  All their lives Paul and Eli had struggled with each other, like brothers in the Bible. Jacob and Esau. Cain and Abel.

Thunderbolts (Marvel Comics)
Twisting The Blade: Bullseye/Jack Flag.  NC-17 (non-con, torture, ickiness).  After Jack Flag’s capture by the Thunderbolts, Bullseye pays him a visit.

True Blood
Her Shimmering: Maryann/Sam, NC-17 (Warning- dub con).  So he was naked… and stealing… and the woman who lived in the house was there and she thought he was interesting…
Moaning Low: Bill/Sookie, R.  Drabble.
Mother's Milk: Tara/Maryann, R.  “You deserved to have a real mother,” Maryann told Tara, “someone who could nourish you. You missed out, but I can give you the next best thing.”
Bored Games, PG-13, Sookie/Sophie-Anne, A game of Candy Land with the Queen of Louisiana challenges some of Sookie’s ideas about herself.

Tin Man
Sweetness and Dark.  Azkadellia/DG.  PG-13.  Drabble.
Most of All: Glitch (Ambrose)/Lavender Eyes.  G.  Drabble.  

Hollow: Jack/Owen.  R.  How do you live with being dead?
Of All the Voices In Her Head: Tosh/Mary.  PG.  Drabble.
Protect and Betray:  Gwen/Owen, Gwen/Rhy.  PG-13.  Drabble.
Father Figures: Jack, PG.  Father figures tend to let their children down.

The Tudors
No More Aloft On Wings of Song: Thomas Tallis/William Compton, PG.  Drabble.

Party Every Night: PG-13.  Shay/Tally.  Drabble.
You Go First, PG-13, Tally/Shay, Tally and Shay.  From ugly to pretty to special and beyond.  

Human Understanding: Jon/Laurie, Dan/Laurie, PG. Drabble.
Thou Hast Conquered, O Pale Galilean: Dan (Nite Owl II)/Adrian (Ozymandias), R.  Adrian never understood the appeal of martyrdom till Dan attacked him. After that he wanted more.
V-Day: Nurse/Silhouette, R.  The day the war ended, anything was possible.
I'm Sorry Too: Laurie Juspeczyk (Silk Spectre II)/Janey Slater, R.  After Jon leaves, Laurie just can't shake the bitterness.

The Wizard of Oz
The Train to Kansas City: Dorothy/Ozma, G.  Drabble.

Pretend: Seishirō/Subaru, PG-13.  Drabble.

Girls and Ghosts, PG-13, Illyana Rasputin/Kitty Pryde, The first night they roomed together, Illyana told Kitty how she had died.
A Heart To Be Broken, PG, Illyana Rasputin/Kitty Pryde, Drabble.
Combustion, PG, Pyro/Magneto, Drabble.

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