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Masterlist of Stories 12/06 -03/08 Part 2

Part 1 is located here

Masterlist of Stories 12/06 to 03/08 Part 2

Multifandom drabble posts


Prompt #3: Treat:
Icy Sweet: Tokyo Babylon-- Seishiro/Subaru/Hokuto
The First Trimester: Harry Potter-- Tonks/Fleur/Bill

Prompt #4: Forget:
Je N'ai Pas Oublié: Harry Potter-- Fleur/Viktor/Cedric
Worth Remembering: Strangers in Paradise-- David/Casey/Katchoo


Prompt #106: Air: PG. "Putting on Airs", Firefly- Kaylee/Inara. "An Opponent Made of Air", Revolutionary Girl Utena- Juri/Shiori. "Castles in the Air", Kamikazi Girls- Momoko/Ichigo. "Lady Dovecott and Miss Blaine", Little Women- Jo/Beth.

Prompt #107: Fire: PG-PG13. "Wicked Child", Revolutionary Girl Utena- Anthy/Kozue. "Voluptous Hell", The Uncanny X-Men- Betsy Braddock (Psylocke)/Rachel Summers (Phoenix). "Sacred Heart", X1999- Karen/Arashi. "Sore Losers", Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Violet Beauregarde/Veruca Salt. "Bloom", The Wizard of Oz- Dorothy/Ozma. "Apt to Get Burned", Firefly/Serenity- Zoe/Saffron.

Prompt #108: Earth:
PG-NC17. "Her Spirit in the Spring", Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Willow/Tara. "Truffle", Fruits Basket- Tohru/Kagura. "A Worth Ruler and a Good Farmer", The Wizard of Oz- Dorothy/Ozma. "Earth-Bound Spirit", Hex, Thelma/Cassie. "Shiori Triumphant", Revolutionary Girl Utena- Juri/Shiori.

Prompt #109: Spirit: PG-R. "Spirit Fingers", Bring it on-
Torrance/Missy. "Show Your Spirit", But I'm a Cheerleader- Megan/Graham. "Touching the Lily", x1999- Kanoe/Hinoto.

Prompt #110: Remainder (Challenge #57: Crack)
Secret Dream Friend, PG-13, Crossover- Buffy the Vampire Slayer/X1999. Drusilla/Sumeragi Hokuto
Pretty Kitty, PG, Harry Potter. Cat Ears!Hermione/Moaning Myrtle

Prompt #111: Zombies: PG-R. "The One With The Bleeding Heart", Runaways, Nico (Sister Grimm)/Karolina (Lucy In the Sky). "Just a Taste", Grindhouse- Planet Terror, Cherry Darling/Dr. Dakota Block. "The Lady and Her Nurse", I Walked With a Zombie, Betsey Connell/Jessica Holland.

Prompt #112: Pirate: "Juliet of the Pirates", Heavenly Creatures, Juliet/Pauline. "Playing Pirate", Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Drusilla/Darla.

Prompt #113: Vampire
: "Blessed",
Madeleine/Claudia, Interview With the Vampire. "Swoon", Lucy/Mina Bram Stoker’s Dracula. "Not a Nightmare But A Wish", Willow/Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Prompt #117: Ghost. "A Fleeting Touch", Harry Potter, Fleur/Cho, PG. "Pass Right Through Her," Hex, Thelma/Cassie, PG. "Of Their Kind", The Haunting of Hill House, Nell/Theo, PG.

Prompt #127: Cage
Key to her Cage: Revolutionary Girl Utena-- Utena/Anthy
Kinds of Cages: The Birds (Hitchcock movie)-- Annie/Melanie

Prompt #130: Remainder
Poison Apple: Revolutionary Girl Utena-- Utena/Anthy
Succumb: Birds of Prey (television series)-- Helena Kyle (Huntress)/Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)
Real Lies: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 8 comic)—Faith/Gigi
Promised to Each Other: Runaways—Karolina/Xavin
A Vision: Strawberry Panic-- Nagisa/Shizuma
Another Kind of Fairy Tale: Strangers in Paradise-- Francine/Katchoo

Pride and Prejudice

Difficult to Know. Mr. Darcy/Mr. Bingley. PG. Mr. Darcy strongly objects to his friend Bingley’s interest in Miss Jane Bennett. Dancing ensues.

Princess Tutu

Sword and Slipper: PG. Shojo Kakumei Utena/Princess Tutu (Crossover). Utena Tenjou/Princess Tutu. Drabble.


In the Garden of Love: Sophie Bangs/Barbara Shelley. Rated PG-13. Set during Promethea #22. In the garden of Chokmah Sophie and Barbara reflect on what they mean to each other.

Eris: Stacia/Lucille/Grace. PG. Drabble

Reservoir Dogs

Lies of Omission: NC-17. Freddy Newandyke (Mr. Orange)/Larry Dimick (Mr. White). Lying came easily to Freddy. He’d been lying to himself for a long time.

Promise: R. Orange/White. White makes a promise he can't keep.

Without Regret: R. Orange/White. Drabble.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

The Invisable Worm: R. Het (incest). Miki/Kozue. The events leading up to Kozue's Black Rose duel from her brother's prespective.

Little Girl Blue: PG-13. Kozue/Juri. Set post-series (and post-movie). Following his sister’s departure from Ohtori Academy, Akio plans to regain his waning power by replacing himself and Anthy with Kozue and Miki. Juri can stop this, but only if she can find it within herself to love Kozue, a girl she has nothing but contempt for.

Blood Roses: Akio/Touga. R. Drabble. “Considering what I’m offering, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that you give yourself to me body and soul,” Akio said as he opened the bedroom door.

Outgrown: Utena/Wakaba. G. Utena aspired to be a prince. Wakaba was just an ordinary girl.

Sword and Slipper: PG. Shojo Kakumei Utena/Princess Tutu (Crossover). Utena Tenjou/Princess Tutu. Drabble.

The Rose of Versailles

Not For the Life of Her: PG. Lady Oscar/Marie Antoinette. Drabble.


The Annunciation: Crossover with Sandman. River/Delirium. The crew of Serenity is surprised when they learn that River is expecting a child and even more surprised to find out how she got pregnant.

My Gift to You: R. Desire/Dream. Drabble.

The Secret Garden

Winter’s Promises: Mary/Colin/Dickon. Drabble.


Emerald and Teal: PG. Dominura/Limone. Drabble.

All the Waves in the Ocean: R. Anubituf/Garagief. Anubituf always expected to be a man but to him Garagief had embodied the mysteries of femininity. Somehow they both wound up men and in love.


The Bath: Lamia/Yvaine/Bernard. NC-17. At the Inn, Lamia puts the unsuspecting Yvaine at ease.

Hers Alone: R. Una/Septimus. From a tender age, Septimus was capable of an almost frighteningly intense and single-minded dedication and his sister became his focus point, the very center of his world.

Strangers in Paradise

Wolfish: Katchoo/Darcy. PG-13. Drabble.

Sweeny Todd

The Judge’s Pretense. R. Judge Turpin/Anthony. Drabble.

Such a Lovely Idea: PG. Lucy Barker/Mrs. Lovett. Drabble.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

What's Inside of a Girl: PG. Cameron/Sarah. Drabble.

There Will Be Blood

Seeking Who He May Devour: NC-17 (dub-con, violence, rape, incest). Daniel Plainview/Paul Sunday, Eli Sunday/Paul Sunday. Paul Sunday sold Daniel Plainview information about oil on his families land then disappeared. 17 years later the two meet again and come to terms with what they’ve become.

Quid Pro Quo: NC-17 (dub-con). Daniel Plainview/Eli Sunday. Daniel and Eli spend a pleasant morning exploiting each other’s weakness.

Tokyo Babylon/X1999

Without: R, yaoi, Sakurazuka Seishirou/Monou Fuuma. Even after his transformation, Fuuma remembers loving. He looks to the Sakurazukamori to educate him in living without love.

Jocasta Dark: R, het (incest), Sakurazuka Setsuka/Sakurazuka Seishirou. As Sakurazukamori, Setsuka moved lightly through life sure that love would never catch her.

Immemor Virtutis: NC-17. Yaoi. Kigai Yuuto/Seiichirou Aoki. Yuuto takes it upon himself to sort out Aoki's relationship with Karen by liberating him from the restraints of virtue.

: R. Gen (implied shounen-ai). Glimples of Sumeragi Subaru's life every five years from the age of five to thirty.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea : R. Het. Yaoi. Karen/Aoki/Yuuto. 20 fragments on their entanglement.

Two X/1999 Drabbles: "The Calling", PG,
Kasanagi and Yuzuriha. "Torpor", PG-13, Seishiro/Yuuto.

Spark: Karen/Arashi. R. Unsure of her capacity to respond to Sorata, Arashi comes to Karen.

Advent Wreath: Karen. PG. On what might be the last Christmas Eve Karen lights the advent wreath.

Tru Calling

Pathology: Jack/Harrison. R (dub-con). ack wants to hurt Tru and the surest way to do that is to mess with the people she cares about. Messing with Harrison is almost too easy.


The Taste of an Orange: PG. Alice/Bella. Drabble.

Twin Peaks

Takes One to Know One: Josie Packard/Laura Palmer. Drabble.

Vanity Fair

Little Ember: Rebecca/Amelia. PG. Drabble.

The Velvet Goldmine

Afterlife: Brian Slade/Curt Wild. Drabble.


All Tomorrows Parties: Ursula Zandt (the Silhouette), the Minutemen. PG-13. At the Minutemen’s first Christmas Party, the Silhouette measures up her team mates.

The Wizard of Oz Series

For You: R. Dorothy/Ozma, yuri. While no one in Oz has to age, Dorothy and Ozma find they have a reason to grow up.

Princess Tippetarius: PG-13. Dorothy/Ozma. The boy Ozma was hasn’t disappeared entirely.

Yami no Matsuei

Sweetness Follows: NC-17. Yaoi. Hisoka/Tsuzuki. Bdsm for dessert.

Tear Off Your Own Head: R.
Muraki, Kurosaki Hisoka. Gen. Muraki could understand hurting people, but the willful destruction of a beautiful doll sickened him.

Wanting More: PG. Yuri/het.
Saya/Yuma/Hisoka. Hisoka’s dark history made it hard for him to accept affection, tempting as it might be.

Behind Blue Eyes : R. Yaoi. Tatsumi/Tsuzuki. Tatsumi and Tsuzuki’s time as partners. “Tsuzuki’s eyes made him melt, made him feel the ache he had always felt knowing he could not banish sorrow from his mother’s eyes. The same ache that had brought him to sin, to crime and to death—his mother’s death and eventually his own”.

Lolita Ascending: Gothic Lolita!Hisoka/Tsuzuki. PG-13. Hisoka gets in touch with his pretty power.

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