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The Messages of the body: Harry Potter Fic

Author: Bitterfig

Title: The Messages of the Body

Pairing/Characters: Lupin/Tonks, Lupin/Greyback

Summary: Sometimes a sane, healthy relationship just can’t compete with being a psychotic werewolf’s bitch.

Word Count: 646

Rating: R

Warnings: Angst, slash and het, situations, violence, dubious consent, Lupin abuse.

Author’s Notes: Set during the course of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

Also Posted On: My sick and twisted new lj community remuslupain.


Thanks to Nzomniac for Beta-reading this story.

The Messages of the Body



Lupin went to bed with Tonks, not because he loved her, but because he was angry.  Angry that her hair stayed brown instead of changing from candy apple red to pink streaked with leaf green, the way it used to.  Angry that she had become silent, that she no longer laughed, that her eyes pleaded with him, full of need. 


She told him she loved him.  Such a waste, a waste of color, joy and youth on a broken creature like himself. 


“I love you, Remus,” she said.


“You’re an idiot, Nymphadora,” he told her.  It was a cruel thing to say.  He was not by nature a cruel man, but there were things happening to him that rendered her and her love not just ridiculous, but despicable to him. 


She wouldn’t let it go.  She was relentless the way young people are when they want something bad for them, and someone who knows better keeps it away from them.  Finally, he decided he’d have to show her. 


            When she took him by the hand, he let her lead him to her bedroom.  He let her undress him and see the body beneath his shabby clothes.  The body he had once called his, but had long since ceased to recognize ownership of. 


The body told the story for him.  She could see the furrows Greyback’s claws had dug into Lupin’s hips and ribs.  The tooth imprints along his throat and shoulders, the bruises that covered him ranging from ink black freshness to molted purple, green and yellow where they had faded. 


            He didn’t show her so she could help him, but so she would know there was nothing she could do. 


He let her kiss him, touch him, try to excite him.  She saw that her body, her tenderness, her caresses couldn’t reach him.  She wouldn’t have believed him if he’d told her, so he had to let her see that he couldn’t make love to her.  That he wasn’t what she wanted.  He wasn’t a man; he wasn’t even a human being.  He was a filthy animal that Greyback could do whatever he wanted to.


            “You can’t go back there,” Tonks wept.  “You-Know-Who can have the wolves.  They belong with him for what they’ve done to you.  Talk to Dumbledore, tell him what’s happening.  You don’t have to go back there.” 


            Lupin went back that night.  Back to the werewolf pack and to their leader, Fenrir Greyback. 


Death Eater money had bought Greyback tailored suits and good wine, a house instead of a cave, but he was still a beast: a hulking, yellow-eyed creature, ancient and evil.  He pressed Lupin between himself and the wall, sniffing him. 


            “You have the smell of a woman all over you,” Greyback said by way of greeting.   “The smell of a woman but not of sex.  Poor pretty thing, didn’t you want her?”  He pawed Lupin’s body; his claws were manicured but his hands were still dirty, stained through and through.  “Did she have soft, tiny hands? Did she put them here?”  Lupin groaned, growing hard under Greyback’s rough caresses.  Greyback pushed his thigh between Lupin’s legs, nibbling at his throat.  Involuntarily Lupin’s hips jerked as he ground himself against the monster.


            “Can’t you control yourself, Remus?”  Greyback smirked.  His hands cradled Lupin’s arse, pulling him closer.  “You were such a gentleman with her.” 


Lupin pushed his own hand into his mouth, biting down on his knuckles to stifle his cries, trying to deny the violent ecstasy the wolf man drove him to.  As his movements slowed and his body stiffened, Greyback yanked Lupin’s hand away, laughing viciously as Lupin moaned and howled in release. 


“You never had any pride, Remus.”  Greyback sneered as he pushed the panting Lupin to his hands and knees.  “You never wanted to be one of us.  You pass as a human but the body knows things the mind won’t admit.  Your body knows you’re one of us and that you’ve always belonged to me.” 


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